Champagne, sophisticated and luxurious product because of its rarity, is a delicious pleasure to share.
Its origin comes from the middle of XVII century and became swiftly, in a couple of decades, ambrosia for kings.
Its specific production conditions, vineyard inspections, the alchemy between “gélification” and foam griping or pressurization controls create the art of “champagnization”. It has been sophisticate for centuries to lead champagne to its current nobility. The Raymond Demière champagne is a part of them, defined by this perfect alchemy.

This particular champagne holds the name of its founder and has been able to preserve its family sophistication.
The Raymond Demière champagne is actually produced by Patrick Demière, his son, carrying on tradition and excellence.
Black pinot and Chardonnay, both from the village of Ambonnay and classified great vintage, offer a range of champagne from majestic cuvée : Cuvée de L’Ambassadeur, Cuvée Prestige, le Brut Grand Cru and le Rosé Grand Cru.

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