How to preserve your champagne ?

When you buy champagne, after being a long time in our cave, it is ready to consume. To conserve it the bottle need to be lay down in the darkness and in a fresh place. The cork has to remain in contact with the liquid.

When to serve your champagne ?

Champagne can be drink whenever you want, at any time and any moment. It needs to be served at the perfect temperature between 8° and 10° degree. The best way to get this temperature is to let your bottle in an ice bucket, 30 minutes before opening your champagne.
The champagne code recommends for perfectly taste champagne to use a slender wine glass, with a curved shape at the bottom and finishing by a tulip-shaped top.
Something else, when you drink champagne you hold the glass by the rod of the glass and not by the tulip.

How to serve the champagne ?

Opening softly and a bottle of champagne ask for dexterity. Lean slowly the bottle, unscrew the wire-cap and remove it. Then, in holding the cork, turn slowly the bottle until the cork has been remove without making any noise. Two techniques permit to perfectly pour champagne, but you always need to hold the bottle by it bottom. First technique consists in pouring slowly and constantly your liquid, it permits to the champagne ruff to be thick. The second technique is to pour your liquid twice, your champagne ruff will be thick longer.

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